Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day Duo -songs for the 'loved' and 'love-less'

A friend of mine asked me one day if I would sleep with a rockstar and I said NO.
And I couldn't care less if they have the swagger and sex appeal; although I do understand why women willingly throw themselves.

Why wouldn't I? Because they sleep or have slept with A LOT of people already.. (so, no thank you)

But if I were to make a few exceptions, I might sleep with Julian Velard.
Why? Try listening to two of my favorite tracks of him. Jimmy Dean and Steve McQueen is also an awesome song but I excluded it- since it's not so fitting for the V-Day vibe.

Here are two tracks - Love again for the first time (for the 'loved') and Do It Alone (for the 'love-less').

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